Saturday, 29 December 2018

How Did It Happen

You toddle through life, fit active and slim and one day out of no where you are overweight, how did it happen ?
When we first moved here just over 4 years ago, I was not the slimmest of people, working in a shop without having proper meal breaks, you tend to snack a lot, you tend to eat a lot of sandwiches, quick and easy, there always seemed to be biscuits, cakes chocolate on the go. The move gave me a change of direction I spent all my time outdoors or at least most of it, being very active doing lots of physical stuff, weight started to fall off and I for one was not complaining, So what happened why did the weight go back on.
There I am the big blob navy top long hair, the one with all the spare tyres.
I know what happened I have given it a lot of thought I have seen the error of my ways. The blame lies with me.
So let me put you in the picture,  I am still very active still doing a lot of physical work, but have also become very lazy.
When Martin is away at work I am very lazy when it comes to meal times, its so easy to grab a sandwich, grab some toast, grab a bowl of cereal, or a packet of crisps, when Martin is away this is what most of my meals consisted of. When he is here we enjoy proper healthy meals, with home reared meat, lots of fresh seasonal veggies along with
 And more bread, 
when you bake you eat 
so the lbs have crept on, my knee which was injured some years ago, screams at me I cant carry this extra weight, my breathing which is bad enough with COPD is not getting any better carrying extra weight around.
So a corner has now been turned and my weight loss journey started to date I have dropped a grand 9.5 lbs, no not on a diet, that is just far too drastic,  also I don't believe in diets, diets don't work well that's not correct they do, you lose the weigh and when you start eating proper food again the weight piles back on. So no diets in this house.
A lifestyle change,
Sensible eating
Everything in moderation.
And this blog follows my journey.

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